Adding user accounts

When your user is associated with multiple accounts, select the main account (and optionally, a sub-account) upon login. See Adding users to multiple accounts.

  1. In the User Management page, select Actions bar / Add User or Add SSO User.
  2. Enter the user's credentials. For Regular user accounts, enter the email address. For SSO user accounts, enter a unique SSO ID.
  3. Select each application the user can access, then specify the user's permission type. The Permission Type Definition chart shows what each user can do in the applications.

ClosedWhat you need to know about VisionLink Administrator permission types

The user is set up with one of four permission types. The permission type determines the user's ability to interact with selected VisionLink applications.

  • The Administrator is the first user created in an account. Administrators have access to everything in the account for all applications. Administrators create user accounts and give permissions based on specific user tasks.
  • A Creator has all create, read, update, and delete permissions for the applications they can access.
  • A Contributor has create, read, update, and delete permissions for their tasks in applications they can access.
  • A Viewer has view-only access to an application.
  1. Complete the user's account information as required. For example:
  • To allow this Administrator or Creator to manage asset security status, select Allow access to asset security. See Configuring asset security.
  • You can set up a maintenance technician hired for the season as a Non-Employee with Contributor permission for Unified Service, but only Viewer permission for Unified Fleet.
  1. Specify the user's default language. This default setting is required, to ensure the verification email is sent in the user's preferred language. The user must verify the email address before using it to log into VisionLink.
  2. Select Save. Or, if you choose to set the user's default preferences, select Save and Continue.

Note – VisionLink sends emails containing links users must use to perform tasks such as verifying their email address, resetting their password, receiving notifications, and receiving scheduled reports. To ensure users can receive these emails, we recommend that you ask users to add the following VisionLink email addresses to their email address books or contacts lists:

VisionLink email address:

Allows access to:

Verify a new user’s email address

Verify a user’s updated email address

Reset the user’s password

Receive notifications (alerts)

Receive scheduled reports

Adding users to multiple accounts

If the user (Regular or SSO) works with multiple VisionLink accounts, you must add the existing user account to each VisionLink account. You cannot edit the user account to associate it with another VisionLink account.

  1. In the User Management page, select Actions bar / Add User.
  2. When you enter the email address, VisionLink Administrator remembers the user's credentials and displays only the options you can select. This feature is useful for setting up users who perform different tasks depending on the associated VisionLink accounts.

Navigating the User Management page

Editing user accounts

Deleting user accounts