Selecting accounts

When your email address is associated with multiple accounts, you are prompted to select the main account (and optionally, a sub-account) upon login. This Account Selection feature is designed for use by:

  • Dealer users who use the same email address for multiple Dealer and Customer accounts
  • Dealer users who have multiple Customer accounts under their main account
  • Customer users who use the same email address for multiple Customer accounts
  1. Select the Account Selection drop-down arrow and select the main account. You can use the Predictive Search feature to build a list of matching accounts as you enter characters. You will be working with all elements associated with the selected account, which includes all elements associated with sub-accounts (if applicable).
  2. Optionally, select the sub-account. As a result, you will be working only with this sub-account.

The ability to view, add, edit, and delete elements depends upon the selected account and context.

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  • is an Administrator in Customer 1 and Customer 2 accounts. Sam selects Customer 1. When Sam adds a user, he is associating the user with the Customer 1 account. The user account is not associated with Customer 2.
  • is a user in the Dealer 1 account. Dealer 1 has 10 customer sub-accounts. Tom adds a group to Dealer 1. The group is available to all of Dealer 1's customer sub-accounts.
  • is an Administrator in the Dealer 1 account. Bill selects the Customer 5 sub-account. When Bill adds a user account, he is associating the user only with the Customer 5 sub-account. He switches accounts and associates the same user with the Customer 6 sub-account. VisionLink Administrator retains the user account information The user account is not associated with any other Dealer 1 customer sub-accounts.
  1. Select Select. The current selection is displayed in the User Profile on the Primary Navigation bar.
  2. You can switch accounts at any time using the Account Selection feature (User Profile) without having to log out. When you switch accounts, VisionLink Administrator refreshes the primary data.

Note – The account selection is active only for this VisionLink Administrator session. However, you can launch multiple applications and select different accounts while logging in. This feature allows you to work with different accounts in each browser tab or window independently.

Adding user accounts

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